What a Wonderful World


Our members come together for many different reasons.  But I think ultimately it all starts with each person reaching out to find something.  Our connection may start with a love of sewing and knitting and it may also be stimulated by a focus to work for local charities and provide things needed within our community, but it ends up with us supporting one another and becoming a ‘family’ together.

As you can see, this blog gives you a glimpse into the activities Stitch ‘n’ Time has been involved in and we are so proud to have accomplished so much.  We have won awards, been mentioned in Parliament, won competitions and along the way have managed to help so many worthy causes and work on projects to help the community.

We would not have been able to achieve all that we have if it were not for the kind and generous donations of others – everything from the yearly funding that covers the costs of meeting at Whale and having an experienced group leader and support worker to the wonderful donations from members of the group, their friends & family and local businesses who send us fabric, materials and equipment.


Unfortunately, Stitch ‘n’ Time started 2016 without any secure on-going funding and when the last of our funds ran out our group was at risk.  Meghan (Creative Development Co-ordinator at Whale) worked hard to try to secure funding for the group.

Finally, there was some good news in April when Meghan told us we had been awarded a small grant from the Lord Provost’s Rapid Action Fund (part of the OneCity Trust).


We are so grateful for this help which has meant that we can continue to have the group meetings at Whale Arts between 5th April – 21st June 2016.

We will be working together to try to keep the group going after 21st June and are looking for fundraising ideas.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please get in touch or pop in to see us on Tuesday’s between 1pm – 3pm.


We know that many companies must be inundated with requests for help and donations so we try hard to limit where and when we ask for assistance.  Where possible we try hard to help ourselves.  Everything we try to do is aimed at giving back to people within our community whether it is helping local people to regain some skills or learn new ones and by giving our time to projects for people within the community.

It often astounds me just how wonderfully generous people and companies are.  We have been very fortunate to have some brilliant donations from many people.  You will find people mentioned throughout the blog in association with the projects their donations have helped with.

But sometimes donations can help with many different projects so below are a few of the kind donors of materials we have received.

John Lewis (2014)

We received a great donation of upholstery samples earlier this year and immediately we were inspired to use them in our crafty creations . . .

2014-09-23 15.11.25 2014-09-23 15.11.00

What is nice about the samples is that there are a variety of designs and many of the colours compliment each other so we can be very creative patching the small pieces together.

We have received an additional donation of some really beautiful curtain samples complete with lining fabric.

John Lewis Donation

This fabric is so versatile and is as with all the samples from John Lewis is a very high quality so we can look for a project which can utilise this amazing donation.  It is very exciting for us to have such a huge selection of  beautiful fabrics so watch this space to see what we can come up with.

Ikea (2014)


Our little band of crafty ladies had a great outing (on 11th February) to the local Ikea store at Loanhead.  Once again Ikea made a marvellous offer this time for us to spend £100 on craft materials.   So we set about exploring their textile department and were spoilt for choice.




We spent almost half the money on the purchase of a new sewing machine which is so easy to use.



We then set about selecting from their fabulous fabrics which we could use for our community projects and got a great deal on sets of scissors to make scissor pouches for our fundraising sale. Ikea have some very pretty fabrics and some with very unique and colourful designs.  We were spoilt for choice!

2014-02-24 16.42.52

This was all so exhausting that we needed revival and sustenance which was expertly provided by tea and cake in the restaurant. There may also have been the odd plate of chips and possibly a salad, but there is no room for talk about salad’s here!

Ikea CoffeeIkea Danish

We met a lovely lady called Liz who works at the Community Education Department in store.  Whilst chatting to her we heard about some of the charitable projects that Ikea are involved in and even discovered that we may be able to help her with their current community project. We will keep you posted.

David Drummond Sewing Machines (2013)

We must mention here our thanks to David Drummond who very generously donated wool to our group in 2013.  His shop on Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh is simply packed to the rafters with everything you could need for the sewing or knitting enthusiast.

David Drummond

David and his wonderful staff could not be more helpful.

Ikea (2012)


We received a fantastic donation of fabrics from the store on Straiton Road, Loanhead which were put to very good use when making some of our community projects and which we use to make fundraising items for craft sales etc.



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