Most people look forward to holidays. But, sadly, Stitch ‘n’ Time holidays are dreaded. What on earth do we do for seven weeks without our ‘rock’ to cling to.

Week 1 of the holidays:  We couldn’t resist,.  Tuesday came and there we were the ‘classroom’.  Of course, there was a good excuse . . . it was ‘TIDY UP TIME’.  A small group of our ladies gathered to do our annual sorting out of the cupboard.  We also took a bit of time to clean and maintain the sewing machines.   How many ladies does it take to clean a cupboard and maintain sewing machines I hear you ask. The answer is six.

Luckily three hours of tidying , grumbling about the state of things and then laughing our way to: 2 sacks of rubbish and the tidiest cupboard EVER, left us feeling satisfied.  We had all had our weekly fix and it left us feeling good.  

Some would say “there’s a James Brown record in there somewhere”.  But, it really HAS to be  Nina Simone: Feeling Good

Tuesday’s are so important to us that we are all looking for alternative places to meet.  I will try to keep a holiday diary to let you know what we are all getting up to.

Next week we hope to have a get together to watch the final of the Great British Sewing Bee.  If you have been following the show you will know that last week saw, Tracy leaving (our favourite to win).  Of the three finalists, I think it would be lovely to see Jade (the youngest-ever contestant on The Great British Sewing Bee) passing the post first and hopefully she will inspire a new generation of sewers.

Watch this space for Summer Updates.  Whatever will we get up to next?





Creativity is Contagious . . . Pass it on!

Sewing Makes Me HappyI always feel really happy when I am sitting at my sewing machine making something and when I have finished there is a huge sense of satisfaction.

Tuesday afternoons at Stitch ‘n’ Time are so good because everyone there experiences those same feelings.  But of course, Tuesday’s mean much more than just our chance to experience sewing.  It is sewing ‘in a group‘ that makes it so much more important.  It’s really a beautiful thing to share crafts or art in a friendly, open, loving environment with other people that feel the same way.

The key to success for any group like this is having a person leading the session who is supportive, welcoming and creates a stress-free environment.

Thank goodness for:  ‘FEELING TERRIFIC TUESDAY’S’

The Goose is Getting Fat

Easter is behind us and it is now that time of year … the time when I get to remind Debbie that Christmas is coming.

I find this incredible fun.  Believe me when I say I was giggling like a school girl as I looked for an appropriate Christmas picture to accompany this post.

It is not often that I am left speechless, but it happened today.  I was sifting through pictures of cute Christmas decorations looking for inspiration for our group and I came across this …

Christmas Pickle

In all seriousness WHY???   Who on earth thought .. “I know I will design a festive pickle to hang on the Christmas tree”?

If only I knew someone who could knit little festive vegetables. (He He)

What’s the Buzz?


The air is filled with the buzz of the sewing machines and you can hear the sounds of laughter and chatting all around.  The kettle comes to the boil and in a ‘Mr Ben like fashion’ cakes simply appear. (I may have just given my age away there, but let’s gloss over that).

Each Tuesday brings a fresh, excited expectation of what new and wondrous  project Debbie will have in store . . . 

too busy sewing

There is something joyous about a busy craft room!!