Those were the days!

Another Tuesday comes and goes.  What a marvellous day!  The sun was blazing down and temperatures were up in the 20s.  Time for a catch up and planning session.

Debbie whisked us both off to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

Modern Art Gallery

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now.  If you read our blog regularly you would be forgiven for thinking that we are all about the ‘tea and cakes’.  However, on this occasion we actually opted for a cheeky little scone and I was truly adventurous and had a coffee.  “Steady on now girls”, you might be thinking, but they do say “a change is as good as a rest”.  Ok . . back to business!

So, there we were, both completely fed and watered and sitting out on the garden terrace in the beautiful garden area at the rear of the Gallery.  The tables and chairs were full to bursting with people relaxing in the sunshine and sampling the delicious fayre on offer. It all felt very decadent.

But wait now, there was a little bit of business to take care of … we turned our minds to ideas for the new sessions starting in August.  Debbie has lots of fantastic ideas and projects which she wants to present to the sewing groups upon our return.  Each session we enter the workroom wondering what delights are in store for us and each session Debbie brings wonderful patterns and projects to challenge us.

I won’t say too much here because at this point they are just ideas and our ladies can choose what they would like to do.  I dare say we even have an idea or two ourselves. Keep reading the blog to see what wonderful projects we get involved in and find out what our ladies are inspired to achieve.

My own contribution to the future is to once again take up the reins of the fundraising for the group.  So, beware ladies, as we are about to race through August you know I only have one thing at the front of me mind!!!! [**WARNING FOR DEBBIE** Spoiler alert on the next three words … Close your eyes and don’t look]

(Me whispers . . . Christmas Craft Sale)


A Little Note:  If you have not visited the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art then try to find time.  You do not have to be a great art lover to appreciate the beautiful surroundings and enjoy all this fabulous building has to offer.  Honestly, you may start out unsure if you are someone who likes art but I am certain you will come away absolutely sure that you LOVE IT.  I personally found myself totally submerged in what felt like a bygone era, the kind you would see on programmes like ‘Downton Abbey’ or my personal favourite ‘Pride and Prejudice’.  Back in a time when life wasn’t racing along at a mile-a-minute, when things were slower, quieter and more gentle.  A time when afternoon tea, out on the lawn, was part of everyday life.

I challenge YOU.  Take time to go and sample one of the many historic sites we have an abundance of in and around Edinburgh.  Many of them are set in idyllic surroundings and offer a fantastic experience and a lot of them are FREE.  What’s not to love, free is my favourite price.

If you are stuck for inspiration a starting point might be the National Galleries Scotland site, your local tourist information office or you will find an lots of free places to try on the ‘Visit Scotland‘ site.

During our visit, the only irritation came from my mobile phone.  I realise now I should have just turned it off rather than screening calls.  Next time (and there will definitely be a next time) I will be brave enough, to turn it off.  I am fairly sure that Lady Grantham and Miss Elizabeth Bennet weren’t screening calls and tweeting whilst eating their cucumber sandwiches.  Apart from anything else, there were no pockets in their dresses to keep a mobile phone.

[Light Bulb Moment] I just worked out what a ‘bustle’ was for. He He.


2 thoughts on “Those were the days!

  1. I would just like to point out my scone was savoury, Brie, tomato and basil. With no jam unlike a friend of mine!

    • I sit here horrified. Whatever happened to ‘Girl Code’. Is nothing sacred? I will have you know that I suffered like never before to eat that ‘food item that shall not be named’. Of course, thinking back to yesterday, we did walk from the car to the garden terrace in all that heat , Clearly there was the risk of my blood sugars falling to a dangerously low point. In which case a Jam Scone would be considered emergency treatment.

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