Tuesday, the Day that Time Forgot

Oh dear,  It’s happening, the earth is starting to spin off its axis.  I am seriously confused about what day it is.

The day started well enough, after all, the Great British Sewing Bee Final was last night and who wouldn’t wake up happy that Charlotte won  (apart from possibly Joyce)?  So, yes the morning began quite well.  But, by 10.30 things were feeling decidedly odd.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was up, but I had a strange feeling I was in the wrong place.

Of course, it is Tuesday!!!!!  The day so famous Americans will only elect Presidents on this day.  So famous we eat pancakes on this day.  So famous they give us two pizzas for the price of one on this day.


Tuesday is our sewing day.  Our let’s get together with friends day.  Our cake eating day.

I wonder if anyone would actually notice if we just turn up next week.  Never mind holidays.  Never mind putting the kiddies first.  I think we should take a stand for ‘adults rights’.  (I wonder if it is too late to get the EU involved?).


So, who is with me?  Hands up if you think we should just storm Whale and do what Pinocchio did.  Stay there until they sneeze us out.

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I’d say that’s unanimous . . . he he.

WAIT, there’s an alternative.  Let’s all meet up next Tuesday (12th July) at Dobbies Garden Centre 1pm.  I wonder what mischief we can get up to there?  Someone should warn people that there are around 15 Stitch ‘n’ Timers loose in Edinburgh.  I do not fancy anyone’s chances if they get between us and the cream cake counter.

[Watch this space to find out if Girls really do Just Wanna Have Fun]




One thought on “Tuesday, the Day that Time Forgot

  1. Yes most odd not being at Whale today. I missed everyone. Looking forward to Dobbies next Tuesday.
    Well done Charlotte, she deserved it.

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