Inspired by the ‘Calendar Girls’

I’m sure most of you will have heard of the ‘Calendar Girls’.  Yes, that wonderfully funny film made back in 2003 starring Helen Mirren.  The most wonderful thing about it is, it’s a true story.  

It’s about a lovely lady who sadly loses her husband to leukaemia at an early age.  One of her close friends is keen to purchase a comfortable sofa for the visitors’ lounge in the hospital where he was treated.  And so she hits upon the idea of printing a calendar to raise funds.  The calendar is to feature some of the members of the Knapely branch of the Women’s Institute discreetly posing nude, while engaged in traditional WI activities, such as baking and knitting.

Calendar Girls

Well, what’s all this got to do with Stitch ‘n’ Time, you might well ask?  (grins evilly!)

It occurred to me that we could do some fundraising to try to keep our lovely group going. We have spent the last 5 months with a ‘funding axe’ hanging over our heads, and believe me it’s not pleasant.  Whale have tried very hard to help us, but maybe the time is here for us to try thinking of other fundraising ideas.  Time to ‘go the extra mile’ . . . time to ‘think outside the box’.

Ok, so that brings me back to Calendar Girls.  Those wonderful women may well have posed nude behind allotment vegetables and stacks of home-bakes, but I am not suggesting that we do that.  Trust me, they do not make bobbins big enough for me to get nude behind.

No, I thought, given we are based in an ‘Art’s Centre’ maybe a little booklet of stories, traditional recipes, poems, art etc. would be fun to put together.  Of course we can do our traditional sales of goods to raise money, but we are not just a sewing group.  Our ladies have so many talents and are so wonderful.  

I would love to hear what you all think.  Is this a good idea?  Do you have even better ideas for fund raising?  Please let me know your thoughts.

With all this enthusiasm I thought I would get the ball rolling with a little poem.


Sewing’s not a hobby,

it takes up too much time.

It’s more a way of life for me,

something I do that’s mine.


I make things for the house and friends,

I always try my best.

And when I need some new ideas,

I scour Pinterest.


Oh, Pinterest is wonderful,

it really does inspire.

A fabric covered footstool,

made from an old car tyre!


If you can cover it with fabric,

I’ll have had a go of that.

One day it took me half an hour,

to find I’d covered up the cat!


But that is not the worst of it,

there’s the time I couldn’t find my mum.

I’d covered her in Harris Tweed,

all except one part, her . . . . THUMB!


So, sewing really is my life,

there’s no time for other things,

I wake up each day excited to find,

the joy that sewing brings.

~ JD


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